The foundation is authorised by the home secretary of the county of Schleswig-Holstein (Germany).



The foundation is main sponsor and co-organiser of the First International Yak-Congress in Lanzhou (Gansu, P.R. China).



The foundation is main sponsor and co-organiser of the Second International Yak-Congress in Xining (Qinghai, P.R. China).



The foundation is  main sponsor and co-organiser of the Third International Yak-Congress in Lhasa (Tibet, P.R. China).



The foundation is is main sponsor and co-organiser of the Forth International Yak-Congress  in Chengdu (Sichuan, P.R. China).



The foundation is main sponsor and co-organiser of the Fifth International Yak-Conference in Lanzhou (Gansu, P.R. China).


The foundation is main sponsor and co-organiser of the Sixt International Yak-Conference in Xining (Qinghai, P.R. China).


                   25th Yak - Camel Foundation

The charitable Yak-Kamel-Stiftung (Yak-Camel Foundation) celebrated its 25th anniversary on 28/11/2017 at the Institute for Livestock Genetics (FLI) in Mariensee with a symposium. The foundation was established in 1992 by Prof. h.c. mult. Dr. Dr. Jürgen H. Lensch, a successful veterinary practicioner for large animals in Krempe, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.


(l.) Prof. e.h. Dr. Geilhausen, PD Dr. Medugorac          

(l.) Prof. Dr. Erhardt, Prof. Dr. Niemann, Prof. Dr. Mettenleiter, Prof. e.h. Dr. Geilhausen, 

PD Dr. Medugorac, Dr. Burger, Prof. Dr. Smidt 

It is the goal of the foundation to promote scientific research into domesticated and wild yak as well as two-humped mountain- and wild camels, for example by offering phd scholarships and research grants, the implementation of scientific symposia and the support of other projects which help promote the preservation of both species.

These species are of essential importance to human existence in the high plateaus of central Asia and have greatly decreased in numbers. As part of this symposium, a 2000 € grant by the Yak-Kamel Stiftung was awarded to PD Dr. Ivica Medugorac of the Workgroup for Population Genomics at the Veterinary Faculty of the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich for his groundbreaking work on the domestication of yak, which was published in Nature Genetics 49, 470-475 (2017).

Source: DGfZ, Bonn / Yak-Kamel-Stiftung

         Prize of the Yak-Camel Foundation 2020

Mrs. Ming Liang, PhD, College of Food  Science and 

Engineering. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University.

Hohhot 010018, Inner Mongolia, P. R. China


It is a pleasure to inform you about the successful

application for the annual prize of 5000,00 EUR of the

        Yak-Camel Foundation. 

On behalf of the board members of the Yak-Camel Foundation I congratulate you cordially on the award.

   Dr. Pamela Burger

  (Secretary of the Yak-Camel Foundation)

Presentation of the prize to Mrs. Dr. Ming Liang at 03. 11. 2022 . The chairman

honorer the lauretat and presented her the act

and an fleurs  bouquet.

Prize of the Yak-Camel Foundation 2023

Mr. Ass. Prof. Dr.Tanveer Hussain
Department Molecular Biology,
Virtual Untiversity of Pakistan, Lahore - 54000, Pakistan
Mrs. Dr. Li Yi
College of Food  Science and
Engineering. Inner Mongolia Agricultural University.
Hohhot 010018, Inner Mongolia, P. R. China

both get 2500,00 EUR

Award of the Yak-Camel Foundation.

03.11.2022: l. Prof. Dr. Niemann, PD Dr. Burger, Prof. Dr. Klein, Dr. Ming Liang, Dr. Schack-Friedrichs, Prof. Dr. Erhardt, Prof. e.h. Dr. Geilhausen, Prof. Dr. Groeneveld

30.11.2023: l. Prof. Dr. Groeneveld, Prof. Dr. Niemann, Ass. Prof. Dr. Hussain, Prof. Dr. Erhardt, Prof. Dr. e.h. Geilhausen, PH Dr. Burger, Prof. Dr. Klein

   Award of the Yak-Camel Foundation

        The Yak-Camel Foundation awards a prize of

                     5000,-- €  (2025)

   for exceptional research projects on Yaks or Baktrian                                          Camels.



The work must not be older than three years on date of submission. In case of first-shared authorship, a joint application of both equally contributing authors is requested.

The submission must include:

An unabridged original version of the publication plus a curriculum vitae and passport photo of the applicant

Additional information:

The Foundation will choose the winner. The foundation reserves the right to split the prize money. The organizer’s decision is final.

 Applications must be submitted by 1 st April 2025 to:


                c/o Mrs. PD Dr. Pamela Burger

        Forschungsinstitut f. Wildtierkunde u. Ökologie

                          Vetmeduni Vienna

                           Savoyenstraße 1

                             A-1160 Wien



  • The Vagabonds of Desert, GEO-TV, Svea Andersson, 2004
  • Over the Highest Pass of the World, Jan Kerckhoff,


  • Camel Hair, Luxury of the Gobi Desert, 

       Thomas Greh, 2008  

  • Yak, Jan Kerckhoff, 2009
  • Wild Yak´s - Wild China, Jan Kerckhoff, 2016
  • China´s Wild West, Jan Kerckhoff, 2017

The Movies are spondern by Yak & Camel Foundation.




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