The Yak-Camel Foundation was founded in 1992 by

Prof. h.c. mult. Dr. Dr. Jürgen H. Lensch (1925-2011)


It is a sentential foundation of the German civil law and is based in D-25361 KREMPE / Holstein. 




The object of the foundation is the advancement of science.

The foundation's purpose is carried into effect by the scientific documentation of the domesticated yak dwelling in the mountainous regions of Asia (approx. 15 million), the endangered wild yak (approx. 15.000) as well as the bactrian mountain camel (approx. 600 000) and the endangered wild mountain camel (approx. 300-800).
Particularly questions of husbandry, crossbreeding and health need to be taken into consideration, as in the high plains of Central Asia (at a height of 2500 - 6000 metres in an area of approximately 119 million hectares) human life is made possible solely through the existence of these two species.
They provide physical working power, milk, meat, clothing and thermic energy by way of dried dung.


Focal points of the foundation are among other things:

        1. Awarding of research grants

        2. Awarding of research projects      

        3. Awarding of doctoral candidate grants
        4. Realisation of scientific symposia

The foundation is altruistic, with a solely and directly nonprofit-making objective.

                  Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Georg Erhardt (chairman)

D-35415 Pohlheim      

Prof. Dr. Dr. habil. Heiner Niemann (vice chairman)

D- 31535 Neustadt

Dr. Thorsten Schack-Friedrichs (treasurer)

D-28211 Bremen

PD Dr. Pamela Burger  (secretary)
A-1160 Wien  

Prof. e.h. Dr. Horst Geilhausen

D-51429 Bergisch Gladbach  

D-31535 Neustadt/Mariensee

Prof. Dr. Claudia Klein

D-31535 Neustadt/Mariensee

Prof. Dr. Eva Schlecht
D-37213 Witzenhausen

Prof. Dr. Jianping Wu,  (associate member)

Lanzhou, Gansu, China    





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