Yak and Camel Foundation     
c/o Mrs. PD Dr. Pamela Burger

Forschungsinstitut f. Wildtierkunde u. Ökologie

Vetmeduni Vienna

Savoyenstraße 1

A-1160 Wien

International Phone:


for the  Support of International Yak and Camel Research            

The Board of the Yak and Camel Foundation offers for  species
as a reward on an annual basis:      

                           Euro 5.000,--


Only by the author him/herself - no proposals of third parties.

 Date of entry:

1. of April (delivery), of every year to the Foundation (Address as above).


The publication of the paper submitted should not date back longer than 3 years.

Paper from several authors:

Will be accepted.

Language of the original:      


Language of the paper submitted:

German or English.      

To be submitted:

- Original paper as published
- Photograph (Passport type) of the applicant      
- Curriculum Vitae (Short version) of the applicant

Additional information:

The selection of the winners will be carried out by the Foundation.  If necessary external experts will be involved.  Changes or modifications of the procedure are reserved by the Foundation. The judges` decision is final.  


Aside from the subsidies project, application

for the subsidies of other projects with a maxi-

mum budget of

                      € 50.000,00

may be submitted.

The foundation subsidises works in applied 

research as well as fundamental research in

accordance with the foundation´s objective.

Structure of the application:

  • aim of the project (5 lines) 
  • how the project will fit to the foudation´s objectives
  • current state of research
  • project work plan with milestones
  • financial plan (with timeline)

Project application can be made at any time.






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